How YOU can help!

Stay Informed

Know what's going on! 

Keep this website bookmarked and check back often for updates. Follow our page on Facebook. Join our group on Facebook to discuss the situation. Post on your own Facebook page about what is going on! Post and/or keep following posts on Nextdoor. Attend your local HOA meeting. Keep the discussion alive!

Spread the word

The most important thing that you can do to help our fight is to spread the word! 

Talk to your neighbors, talk to people at work, talk to people at your children's schools. This is an issue that doesn't just affect the thousands of people who live in the subdivision. It affects all of Seminole County. Please let people know what is going on so we can make our voices heard!

Get a Yard Sign

Thanks to the help of some residents, an initial run of 500 yards signs that have the Save Deer Run logo and website URL on the sign were procured in March 2019. The first run of signs was quickly distributed. A second run of 500 yards signs was then procured. Each sign is a two-color one-sided hard corrugated plastic 24x18 sign that comes with a H-shape metal stand.  If you are interested in getting a sign, please email for more information.

Contact your local elected officials

Development of the Deer Run golf course will require over turning the Planned Urban Development covenant that governs the subdivision. 

This process is accomplished as follows:

1. The developer submits his proposal to the staff of Seminole County's Growth Management Department.

2. After staff review the proposal, it will go before the Planning and Zoning Board for a vote. This board's job is to assess whether the proposal is appropriate for the current land use designation and zoning. The Planning and Zoning Board will then vote if the land's zoning has to be changed to allow the new development plan to move forward.

3. Depending on the outcome of the Planning and Zoning Board's vote, the project may be brought before the Seminole County Board of Commissioners. At least two public hearings will be held at the BCC. They are the final legal authority who have a say in approving/disapproving an development proposals in Seminole County. 

At each step, we encourage citizens to reach out and contact our local officials. 

You can find out how to contact these elected officials here.

Attend Meetings

It is our hope to organize local town hall meetings with our county commissioners and the developer/the developer's representatives. If and when these meetings are scheduled, we will post meeting dates, times and locations as it becomes available. Please come to those meetings when they are scheduled. Knowledge is power!

Attendance at meetings where the Planning and Zoning Board and/or the Board of County Commissioners are considering voting on the developer's proposal is CRUCIAL. We must make our voices heard. 

We will post more information about this when the meetings are scheduled.