An aerial view of the Deer Run subdivision.

Our Goals

What we want to achieve

In a perfect world, we would love it if we found another buyer to come in and purchase the golf course to preserve and run it as a golf course. But we all know we don't live in a perfect world. We know that the likelihood of finding a new buyer who wishes to keep the golf course as a golf course is almost zero. 

So, what are our the goals of the Save Deer Run Citizen's Action Group?

1. We wish to prevent development of the land the golf course now occupies. In lieu of preventing all development, we wish to limit development as much as possible. We especially want to prevent development on land fronting homes that already exist.

2. We wish to preserve as much green space as possible for native wild life.

3. We would like to see as much as possible of the land converted into trails (nature, walking/jogging, bike), parkland, and other recreational facilities (playgrounds, splash pad, tennis courts, basketball courts, sand volleyball courts, pool, etc.)

How does the Save Deer Run Citizen's Action Group think we can achieve these goals?

1. We are open to ideas on how to achieve these goals. We are seeking feedback and inspiration from all members of the community.

2. We want everyone to understand that we are not trying to keep the golf course open. It is private property, and it is no individual's right to try to impede what a person does with his/her individual property within the bounds of the law. While it is a hope of our group that the golf course would remain open as a golf course, that is not our primary function. Updated 5/26: Sadly, the golf course owner closed the Country Club at Deer Run on 5/26/2019. 

3. We hope to work with all parties including the golf course owner to find a mutually beneficial solution that satisfies all involved parties as much as possible. We hope to achieve this through negotiation and compromise via an open dialogue.

It is clear that the current owner of the Country Club at Deer Run has been in similar positions before. He has sold several different golf courses over the years, including Twin Rivers (Oviedo), Casselberry (Casselberry), and Rock Springs Ridge (Apopka).

For a greater overview of Mr. Dello Russo's past experiences, we suggest the following article from the Orlando Sentinel in 2014.

4. We understand that we live in unincorporated Seminole County and not any municipality. So we know our situation is not the same as the cases at Twin Rivers Golf Course (City of Oviedo) or Casselberry Golf Course (City of Casselberry) where those cities bought the golf courses with municipal funds. We also know that our situation is not the same as that experienced by the former Rolling Hills Golf Course in Altamonte Springs (unincorporated Seminole County).

5. It is our hope to work with the county so they do not approve any large and unchecked housing developments.

Lastly, we strongly believe everyone can work together and give input that will help us come up with a solution to this very difficult problem with which everyone can be satisfied.